You are not alone

July 7, 2020

Our friendship was born on the first retreat I ever facilitated. We have walked side by side up some hills and down some others, yet always with our eyes on Our Lord, a smile of encouragement and a tear wiped away along the way. Years have gone by as we celebrated her beautiful wedding and children born into the family. And yet another hill to climb arose. My friend miscarried her little baby on Mother’s Day.  

My friend and her husband are active team members in our ministry and have been for a long time. Their loss set off a flurry of texts about how best to offer support in this difficult time. I asked her, “Who do you want there the day you say goodbye?” She said, “Only people from the ministry.”

I looked around at our gathering that day, and I smiled as I saw what God had done. Three people who were retreatants with her so many years ago were there, along with her fellow, team members who serve on retreats now. Then there were two men from Project Joseph who came to support her husband. They had all left work in order to be at their side. United in healing, united in joys and struggles, united in loss and grief … our retreats create a family which has its roots in God alone.   

But wait…God was not done yet. Another burial box arrived, and we were told there were deceased twins who were being laid to rest as well. I asked where the parents were, and I was told that the babies had no one there for them.

Our first reaction was shock and sadness as we held that statement in silence… and then I realized…they DO have someone to respond for them. They had US! Our ministry members, once connected only by abortion loss, now stood united in prayer, in friendship, and in awe of a loving God who made sure we were there to give these babies the dignity of the farewell they deserved. The dignity of life honored.

As the service came to a close, I offered up a prayer: Rest in peace little ones. This ministry just happens to know, with faith-filled hearts, of an entourage of babies who will be awaiting you and who will welcome you home. You are not alone. You have a family.   

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