A New Horizon

In 2018, we marked our 25th anniversary by honoring our history. Today, we look forward to the next chapter of respect life ministry. 

What began as an impassioned committee devoted to prayer and peaceful witness has grown into a community of thousands devoted to the mission to end abortion and restore respect for human life from conception until natural death.  

YOU are the Catholic Pro-Life Community.  Together, we effect our shared mission through three primary pillars of pro-life ministry: supportive services, education, and community outreach.

As we move ahead in the cause of LIFE, we sought to create an emblem, uniquely ours, that was rooted in our history and hopeful for our future.

Inspired by the iconic image of the Madonna of the Streets (which in turn is evocative of Our Lady with the Christ Child), we arrived at a trinitarian image of three circles  — one, the mother looking out for help and support; second, her child looking to her for that same support; and third, the Body of Christ standing ready to embrace them both with love.

A compelling image demands an equally powerful message, and who better for that message than one of our patron saints committed to the mission of helping the helpless where she found them — St. Teresa of Calcutta. In her words, God

"created us to love and to be loved."

The Catholic Pro-Life Community was likewise created to love and is committed to life. And thus a message is born.