"Unless you become as little children," Our Lord said, "you cannot enter the Kingdom of God."

August 12, 2010

1)  Mother of a little girl (all sparkles) was dropped off at Routh.  The paternal grandmother was given literature and encouraged to call and tell her to go to the nearby crisis pregnancy center. The mother walked out of Routh.   When she was in Routh, she asked for someone to talk to her (she just needed someone to listen to her), but she was given the "hard sell" instead.  
2) Another mother... driven by her brother ... arrived.  He too was counseled upon dropping off his sister.  He said he would call her (she was inside the abortion facility).  He seemed disturbed by the pending abortion.  He got her out.  She was crying.  And they were "going home" (another town).  The family will be supportive of her decision.
3)  Mother (a previous client at the nearby crisis pregnancy center with a previous child) just "left" Routh.  Walked out.  She, along with the male and female with her, were pretty sullen and didn't want to talk to us.  But they made their way into the neighboring crisis pregnancy center.  One of her companions was wearing a Christian cross, and we saw her later in the waiting room.  She sighed... deep relief, "It's good we're in here."
4)  Hispanic mother also left after some time inside the abortion center.  She spoke no English, and by God's merciful Grace, a Spanish-speaking sidewalk counselor (who has been ill) was praying with us.  She talked to the mother and stayed with her throughout the morning appointment in the crisis pregnancy center.  This mother is now upset because she even considered abortion.  The sidewalk consoled her about that too. 
5)   Another mother wouldn't talk to us going in.  Upon coming out, she assured us that she "wasn't going in for an abortion," just a "second opinion."  (About?)  "Uh... oh... a law-suit," she responded.  (Against the abortion center?)  "Oh, no.  My doctor said the baby died... But the baby is growing.  Don't you think that means the baby is alive?"  (Yes)  She was given some numbers for referral to get another doctor.  
And who do you think was credited as having convinced the abortion-minded mother who received the "hard sell" to change her mind?? ... This mother's little 4 year old girl!  All week she has been asking about the new baby.  Saying that she thinks the baby is a "little girl."  "She is so excited about this baby," her mother said. "How can I abort this baby? I am going to have to tough it out or something.  She asks me all the time: "tell me about The Baby."
... and that sparkly little girl (clearly loved treasured and protected) in the back seat of her grandmother's car said:  I WILL PRAY FOR YOU!! 
With all these walk-outs and turnaways, there were less clients inside the abortion center than there were employees for the day! They lost about 30% of their clients.
Thank you, Jesus! Thank you!!!!!   

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