Today, she got out of her car to say "Thank you"

July 13, 2012

A woman on her way to a pregnancy resource center came to say "thank you.”  

On a very different day, she had been headed to the nearby abortion center. Today, she got out of her car to say "Thank you".  

She said that it was her husband who wanted her to have the abortion. But she explained that when she visited with the sidewalk counselor outside the abortion center: "What ya'll had to say made a whole lot of sense to me."

Her husband threatened leaving her if she did not go through with the abortion ... which he did when she changed her mind. That has made her life more difficult, especially with other children to support.  

But she is so very glad she did not have the abortion. She said, "I know I did the right thing. Thank you all for being out here ... and in this hot sun".

What courage. She stood tall and straight and dignified ... at peace. 

She knew she "did the right thing." No regrets.

We thank You and praise You, Lord, for the graces of courage and fortitude that You give to these mothers when they chose Life for their babies … against so many assaults on them. Thank You for all You have provided for them.  

Thanks and praises to Thee, Holy Triune God!

And for today ... at least for today, there were half or two thirds less, the "usual" number of clients coming for abortion at the center where we stood ready to offer His love to those entering this place of death. Plus a couple stopped on the way out and said, "We're going to have this baby".  

This will be their first child.
Thanks and praises be to Thee, Holy Triune God!

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