There are so many "God things" that happened.

February 3, 2012

The day was just ... well miraculous.  We had two turnaways at the late-term abortion center.  The first was a woman who had prayed amidst 5 attempts to get to the abortion center (missed 1 appointment, didn't hear alarm 2 times, got lost on the 4th trip).  On the fifth attempt – the day we met her – she had walked over a mile from the train on Walnut Hill.  It was so very cold.  Upon arrival, she saw the Baptist Church and that stopped her.  One of our male sidewalk counselors saw her standing there just staring at the church.  
She thought she should probably go talk to the pastor.  In this church, the pastor is seldom there.  She walked towards the sidewalk counselor instead.  (Thank God he was there.  He is always on time ... sometimes early.)  
So when I got there, my fellow counselor and the woman were chatting ... waiting for me to take her to back to the train.   I was running late (thanks be to merciful God), which provided extra time to call a local pregnancy resource center where she was received with love and the best care.  While chatting we learned, that she had moved home recently, as her own mother has a brain tumor.  (Her mother has been hoping for more grandchildren - praise God!)   
At the pregnancy resource center, she discovered she was 8 weeks pregnant.   Her due date is the same date that her brother died a year ago ... and the same due date as a newly-pregnant counselor at the center (creating a bond between these two wonderfully-blessed expectant mothers).   After leaving the center, she returned to the sidewalk; she was sobered and very thoughtful about the information she had received; she had little idea of what an abortion really does to a mother’s body.
Upon leaving, she was so peaceful, so ready for life.  She has decided to name the baby after her brother if he is a boy, and after brainstorming with us, we found a “female” version of his name as well.  She was delighted!  
And the second woman?  She had come the day before, and seen our signs offering help, they "touched her heart".  She was tearing up when she said that.  She came back to get the numbers to call for help. 
Beautiful brave mothers... 

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