"That rosary is going to mess him up BAD"

August 4, 2010

For weeks CPLC sidewalk counselors had been reaching out to Mel,* a security guard at an abortion center.  A conversation here, a religious gift there, and many, many prayers behind the scenes, added up to a stunning outcome.  Our sidewalk counselor Rachel explains:
A couple weeks ago, we saw Mel* with a rosary, so Tom (another counselor) gave Mel one of the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet handouts.  That day he was carrying around the rosary and reciting it the entire morning back and forth through the parking lot.  I specifically remember Tom saying "That rosary is going to mess him up BAD" . . .
Another day, he asked about Catholic resources, and I directed him to catholic.com (Catholic Answers) so he could learn more about Catholicism and how it is the fullness of God's truth.
One day Tom suggested he and I begin praying in the chapel at a nearby pregnancy resource center.  I prayed for more opportunities to attend daily Mass; and Holy Mass was celebrated at the chapel THAT VERY afternoon and again on Tuesday.
The next Thursday we arrived at the abortion center to find an odd scene – no Mel.  The office manager was patrolling the parking lot, taking women into the facility.
After Tom called Mel, he told me the good news:  “MEL QUIT.”
All of those little miracles were seeds God had planted that led up to this very moment. Those little miracles weren't "little" at all.  Rather, they were bread crumbs leading us along the trail to what the future would bring . . . until the moment we arrived on Thursday.  And suddenly, everything that had happened in the past two weeks was crystal clear. God was preparing our hearts to celebrate in the miracle of another worker saved from his complicity in the sin of abortion!
Thank you, GOD, for your mysterious ways, for your Divine Mercy, and your healing grace.  May You continue to pour out your blessings on the abortion center workers, abortionists, and clients, and turn their hearts toward YOU, our Lord and our Savior!
*Name has been changed.

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