Such a Rage...

November 27, 2018

As I was out there in the freezing cold offering women free help outside of north Texas' largest abortion facility, an elderly woman stopped by and yelled at me for over 10 minutes for being there, claiming that life begins at first breath, not at conception, that abortion doesn't hurt women, that women know their choices, that I was just there condemning women, etc.  

She was in such a rage and out of love for her, I stood there listening to her. She was in such pain, typical of a post-abortive mothers who were sold a lie about abortion in their youth. While I wasn't able to say a word, she accepted the post-abortion healing info. that I handed her. Please keep her in your prayers.  

Afterwards, I can't tell you just how many abortion-minded parents and post-abortive parents stopped by to thank us for being there for them.  

Friends, come out to pray. Our brothers and sisters in Christ need us! 

By Sidewalk Counselor, Celina Boyle

For more information on praying outside abortion facilities in the Dallas area click here.

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