Stories from the Street: Aunt June

June 9, 2010

Today there were more turnaways (a first for this SWC) than there were abortions at Robinson's. Increasing hot temperatures (90+ real feel 100 +), we become soaker hoses. As quickly as water is siphoned in, water leaks out the pores. Both days, as we (this SWC at least) whined about the heat, asking Jesus for help, we were granted umbrellas of clouds, slight breezes, cooling tears and gentle kisses of water fell from the sky. And yesterday... we also met Aunt June*. 

Elizabeth* a week or so ago had already taken her little sister (Mary* aged 18, did not want to abort her baby) to one of the women's counseling centers. Their mother (pray for this lady) got wind of Mary's unplanned out-of-wedlock pregnancy, set-up an appointment at Robinson's, drove Mary there, paid for the sonogram and blood work... which was in progress. Elizabeth in the meantime was scrambling to stop her mother from this... coercion to abort. Elizabeth had already offered to help with finances, diapers... whatever (she works and has children of her own); but their mother was not listening and unbending. Elizabeth called Aunt June, and Elizabeth did not know if they/she would arrive in time... didn't know if the abortion had already taken place . . . .

Aunt June arrived. Tall. Straight. Dignified. Would not talk to us. Family. 

None of us knew all of this. Everyone was praying... other clients were coming and going. We only knew toward the end (and afterwards). The two sisters (Aunt June and her sister) with Elizabeth were on the porch and were asked (by an SWC) if they knew about the nearby women's center (a different center than the one Elizabeth had first taken Mary to). 

"What are you trying to tell me!?!" Aunt June said to the Sidewalk Counselor. 

"Ma'am," (Breathe. Careful. Be calm. Be respectful), "... free pregnancy test, sonogram, support services for your family... for the mother. We're here to help your family with whatever support you need..."

"Thank you, I'll take that," she walked to the SWC and took the literature, "but right now, I've got to go back in and stop this. The LORD does not WANT this girl to have an abortion." She almost choked on the word "abortion" as if the very feel of the word in her throat was vile. This was the first of what we knew was going on.

They went in... and long minutes later... came out.... walking straight for the women's center. "Would you... would you like for me to walk with you... and introduce you?"

"Yes, if you would. Please." said Aunt June. (These women were not talkers.) And trying to talk to / encourage Mary (the pregnant 18 year old) was... mmmm... 12-point type talking to 2-point type. Mary would respond in whispers, "yes" "no,” letting out little sobs of wind... holding back... much. She had been pulled right, left, inside-out, more than shy or timid... worn out.

Later, as they were all settled-in (aaaaahhhhhhh... thank you, Precious Lord!) and in the arms of loving support reinforcement at the counseling center, Elizabeth confided (outside... to the SWC), "I have children. I had an abortion. I did not want that to happen to my baby sister. I did not want her to have to live with that."

"Elizabeth, do you realize the Grace God has given you? You have a good heart! Your conscience... your heart... has not become hardened! That is not always the case. You have a great gift... and darlin'... today you saved a life."

Elizabeth was composed... yet everything in her eyes looked like a runner who had just finished a long and arduous race. She looked as if she could have melted down in tears and crumpled with relief right there on the sidewalk outside the women's center. But this is not this family's way. They stay composed. Elizabeth was happy... the kind of happy that reflects all that Love, Grace and Warmth poured out from our Blessed Lord and Savior after doing His Will. 

Elizabeth deflected the comments directed to her and told about Aunt June giving her own money (to Elizabeth's and Mary's mother) in repayment for the sonogram and blood work. Aunt June in the counselor's office was repeatedly asked if she wanted water. But she refused. 84 years old (I would have thought late-60's). She was praying and fasting... a complete fast... NPO (nothing by mouth)... no water... from midnight until 5 o'clock... all morning she drank nothing, ate nothing... 84 years old... praying and fasting for this little baby's life. "This baby will NOT be aborted," Aunt June said. Little trickles of water were coming down Aunt June's face... from the heat... from the prayers.

Family. Fasting. Prayer(s). Sacrifice. Love. Thank you, Holy Almighty God for thy great Mercies and Loving Kindnesses... for us... for all Thy children!!! 

June 7 and 8th @ Robinson's abortion center, Dallas
* names have been changed

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