"Pastor, Where Are Your Children?"

January 25, 2012

Today there were three pastors' kids at the abortion facility ... plus Catholics. Sadly, it is not unusual for Christians (of all varieties) to come to these places of death. None of them had abortions today.  Two chose life for their babies. The others are deciding. Here are a few things that were said by them: 

  • No, he doesn't know I'm here. I didn't tell him. I am 'the good one' in the family.
  • We were just talking inside [the abortion clinic], and we said, "you know, we should be out there with them [the sidewalk counselors], rather than in here!" 
  • There is going to be, well a lot of ... [counselor:  eyebrows raised? talk? gossip?]  Yes.  [counselor:  Perhaps this is also an opportunity from God for some humility? Humility is a good thing.]  Yes.
  • Well ... if the baby has a heart beat then I won't kill the baby.  How can I live with killing a baby?
  • I'll go back to Church sometime.  [Counselor:  You may want to do this sooner than later. Talk to your priest.].  Nods.
  • We will pray and ask Jesus to help us before we go in [to the abortion facility].
  • I haven't decided yet.  [Counselor: Do you think the baby is a boy or a girl?]  Oh, I hope he's a boy!  I want to have a boy.   
  • The baby is a blessing from God.  But a baby really changes things.  I mean, A BABY!?!

May God's continual merciful blessings rain down on all these parents and their unborn children.

Tags: Sidewalk Counseling

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