Not Just Mama

January 3, 2018

As I prepared to welcome the Birth of Baby Jesus, I couldn't help but think of all the babies whose birth will not be welcomed.
I keep thinking of this young 27 year old man who was jogging past Southwestern a few weeks ago (Dallas' high volume abortion facility) and stopped to talk to me.  He shared that he was strongly against abortion. When he was 17 he and his then girlfriend were expecting their first baby. Her parents forced them to have an abortion to avoid ruining her future.

He loved his baby and wanted it, but he had no say. Just like that, his baby was gone.

His girlfriend just kept crying.  He was devastated and said that he no longer wanted anything to do

Not Just Mamawith women, so they broke up.  The pain was too much.  He started drinking, then taking drugs. This went on for years until he finally was able to get clean and sober.  Now he runs to deal with the pain and he stills wants nothing to do with women because the pain is still very raw.

It's so heartbreaking.  His girlfriend's parents didn't want their daughter's future ruined, but that's exactly 
what it did.  Not only did it take the life of their innocent grandchild, but it devastated their daughter, this young man, and, likely, themselves, too.

I see this over and over again, parents taking their daughters in to have abortions and men having no say.  It's heartbreaking to see.  I just want to love on all these people, talk to them and help them.  I can with some, but most enter the facilities having no clue about the utter devastation that lay ahead.
Friends, let us pray for all our brothers and sisters in Christ and especially for all the unborn, that they may all be welcomed!
By: Sidewalk Counselor Celina Boyle

Tags: sidewalk, pro-life, man, project joseph, healing after abortion, abortion, counseling

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