'My grandmother named me'

June 1, 2012

Tuesday was a grace-filled day at the late term abortion center with very few clients and one beautiful turnaway (that we know of!). I noticed a young girl walking up the sidewalk, and crossed the driveway to meet her. She looked familiar; I asked if we had met before. “No,” she said, “but a lot of people think that.” I asked if she was going to the abortion center. “Yes.” Would she be interested in a free sonogram? “Yes.” My fellow counselor gave the young girl a pamphlet from the nearby pregnancy resource center with her name and personal cell phone number on it. I asked the young mother what her name was. She answered. Prompting my question – does your name have a meaning? “Yes,” she answered, “it means ‘a child is worth more than a crown'; my grandmother named me." Our eyes locked for a moment or two, and I said intently and with lots of love: It's true! She started crying. I put my arm around her. She then headed to the pregnancy resource center, and did not return.

 -Stories from the Street, by a CPLC Sidewalk Counselor

Update from CPLC's Project Gabriel Coordinator

The pregnancy resource center did a great job in counseling the young mother, after which she and I had a long talk about being paired with a Gabriel Angel to support her through her pregnancy. She seemed very excited about the pairing, and left my office with a plan and some follow-up strategies.  Today she is back at the center for spiritual counseling and tomorrow for an ultrasound!  God is GREAT!!
Thank you to all those hard working, loving sidewalk counselors.  This process starts with them!

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