Inside Out

September 30, 2020

Shame answered the door only to find someone he had never seen before. She said her name was Joy.

"Who are you and why don't I know you?", he said.

"You haven't wanted to know me, nor even aware of me until now...I have been here outside this door knocking for a very long time. "

Anger asked who was at the door and Shame told him that someone named Joy was there and wanted in. That she said she had been there all along and that we hadn't seen or heard her until now.

"Tell her there is no room for her here.", said Anger. "Tell her to go away and stay away. We are fine the way we are and have been for a long time. We don't welcome her here."

"Wait!", called a voice from within. It was Pain. " I DO know her and I am ready to meet her. Let her in".

Joy stepped in to encounter Shame, Anger and Pain. She looked at each one of them with love in her eyes, and each one of them looked away as they could not resist her loving and compassionate gaze any longer.

She reached out and took them by their hands and said: " Thank you for allowing me to be here with you. The fact that Pain has let me in, is a big step and I am grateful.

The time has come for you to allow me to be here. You are all here because of what has happened in the past, and it makes sense to me why you are here.

The time has come to let me offer the gift of peace filled joy that I bring from the Holy One.

You too can be transformed by this gift. All you have to do is yield and accept.

Pain and Anger quickly told her how they were tired of what they had been offering as they saw what it did to others and only made them detest themselves more. They yielded to her offer and were transformed by joy, filled with the Holy One's mercy, which brought them new life and forgiveness filling their beings. No longer would they be known as Pain and Anger...and would be sent by Joy to help others who had pain and anger within so they could tell them their story.

Shame was left alone and Joy stepped toward him with the same loving gaze in her eyes, and asked him if he would accept her offer as well. Shame told her he didn't know how to be anyone other than who he was, and knew that he could not accept anything else.  He told her that he would leave and would not be known anymore, as he recognized the beauty of her joy and peace, even though he could not accept it.

May it be known to all that the Holy One's peaceful joy will always be there for those who desire it. It transforms and removes all that is in the way of His abundant love for us. Blessed be God... Blessed is His Holy name.

Reflection by Healing after Abortion Director Eileen Kuhlmann

Tags: healing

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