I remember the day I asked you for help.

June 21, 2016

I remember the day I asked you for help to heal from the abortion of my first child. I was so afraid. But in my heart I knew that God was bringing me to you, and that through you, I would return to God and would begin to heal.

It has been three years since my retreat, and since then, the love for God and His peace in my heart has been growing.

I am now married in the Church, and I share God’s love with other women, with courage that came only after I received His mercy and love. I know that if I had not gone to the "Vineyard," my pain would still be so deep, and my faith would be so weak. You were right when you said that I would go back home after retreat with less baggage to carry!

My husband and I received the news that we are the parents of our second child.  My first son [who is with the Lord and] who I named on retreat and offered to God, now has a brother or sister! We are beyond happy and we wanted to share this joy with you!!!

                               baby ultrasound

Thank you so much for your love for the Vineyard and for God as you serve. I thank God for having chosen you to guide my steps on my healing journey.... I remain in prayer for you.

-Submitted by Graduate of Rachel’s Vineyard Spanish Retreat
(translated by Healing after Abortion Director Eileen Kuhlmann)

If you are someone you know is suffering from a past abortion experience, there is hope and healing. We can help. Begin the journey to Christ's mercy today at www.racheldallas.org.

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