I gave a ride to an abortion clinic.

May 13, 2016

Dear CPLC,

Good afternoon. My name is Kyle.

DrivingI occasionally drive for a car service for extra income and this morning, I gave a ride to a young woman to a clinic appointment.

Once the ride finished, I turned back, tried to go out to the street. Then a couple of people approached me with a cross and pamphlet. One gentleman asked me what was the occasion. I said I just dropped off my friend. The gentleman asked me if I knew what that clinic was for. I replied, “no idea.”

The gentleman told me that it was an abortion facility. I lost a word for seconds.

And it hit me pretty hard all this morning. 

I grew up in a Christian family; all of my family and friends are Christians. I was in choir, praise band, a young-people leader, a home-church leader, and now I serve in an Internet Ministry team which manages the church’s homepage and YouTube channel. God blessed me with a beautiful wife with 3 adorable kids. AND OF COURSE I AM PRO-LIFE.

Whenever there was a pro-life / pro-choice issue that came up, it was a matter of politics, debate and opinion-related. It wasn't really related to me, my family and my friends.

But not today.

I gave a ride to a young woman to the abortion clinic. There was a baby riding with me, and I tried my best to get her to the clinic in time. I was paid $30 for the ride fare.

I am giving up the $30 fare along with my $100 additional donation, which is a suggested amount to save a baby.

Yes, one can say it wasn't my fault or I had no idea what was coming. But at least my small donation can be a good use for your operation; it will ease my burden a bit.

It also gave me a valuable lesson that the abortion matter is not something in the distance; it's happening right now, right around me, in my reach.

I hope God can watch over the young woman and her baby and help them. Also thank you for your hard work and noble operation.


Learn more about our presence on the front lines, standing in prayerful witness to the truth and offering help and hope to mothers in need: www.prolifedallas.org/sidewalk. #helpthemother #savethebaby

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