He hears us, no matter what

August 10, 2020

“Prayer works!”  Sure, we’ve heard that and probably said it ourselves, but is it something we truly believe?  Do we know we are in God’s hands and He hears us, no matter what? 

I’ve seen prayer work on the sidewalk, when a client turned away from the abortion facility door as a prayer partner spiritually lifted her up.  We’ve watched as God arranged for a dad to be drawn to a group of ladies praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet so the counselor could talk to his wife alone.

But I want to remind you today of those people we often forget to pray for, but who need prayer desperately.  We pray for the moms, dads, and their babies, and often for the abortionists, but sometimes we forget to pray for the workers.

The staff at one of our wonderful pregnancy help centers made the conscious decision to pray for the abortion workers, but that wasn’t all.  They also sent out a request to all their supporters to ask them to do the same.  Not long after that, a client came to the help center.  She had been to the abortion facility and was very upset about the unkind way she had been treated there.  She felt that she had been disrespected.

While she sat waiting, one of the abortion facility staff had come up to her with the phone number and address of the pregnancy help center.  The worker gave the information to the client and quietly told her that she needed to go see those people because they would take care of her.

And that’s not the only time this has happened.  In the last few weeks, five women who came to the help center said they were referred by a worker at one of the abortion facilities! 

We thank God for these signal graces.  Let’s not only pray for the pregnancy help centers but remember to also pray for the abortion workers, that God will lead them back to the light.

By Susan Platt, Community Outreach Director and Sidewalk Counselor

For more information about supporting life through prayer, visit www.prolifedallas.org/prayer

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