Good News: More local babies saved from abortion!

November 30, 2009

Fresh from the front lines of Dallas abortion center sidewalks, here are the latest stories of our sidewalk counselors helping abortion-minded women see the light in choosing life for them and their child. The names of the mothers and family members have been changed for their protection.

This is why we’re in this business - for life; one life, one choice at a time. Please keep these mothers, their babies, friends, family and sidewalk counselors in your prayers as we keep fighting the good fight on the front lines.

If you think this is something you’re interested in, email with your name and how you want to help.

Sent in by sidewalk counselor Lauren Muzyka
Mon., Nov. 23, 2009

Another incredible thing to add to the list -- I just got a call today from a girl that Geri and I counseled last week at the late-term abortion facility, and she called to say that she decided to keep her baby! Praise God, another life! So, how wonderful -- God is working through difficult circumstances at that facility (how frustrating it can be to counsel there, at times!) -- and He is showing us that good fruit will continue to come and come from the prayer and counseling presence out there!! I pointed her to BirthChoice, and she will be going there within the next week!

Today, we also witnessed a turnaway at Robinson's -- I was out there with Geri today, and I was getting ready to leave when we realized a woman pulled in who only spoke Spanish. We got her to Birthchoice, and she was chatting with a Spanish-speaking prayer volunteer, and began to cry. We were able to get her in to talk to Estelle, and I was able to translate until we got someone (more) fluent in there!

It was another beautiful story of a woman who wanted to keep her baby (this, her third), but the dad was going to have none of it! She left BirthChoice with 2 Spanish speaking-friends, one of which who said she would pick her up each Sunday for Mass. So, truly, a victory for a whole young family!

CPLC Terminology

  • BirthChoice: the new Catholic-based crisis pregnancy center located directly across the street from Robinson’s abortion center on Record Crossing Road in Dallas where women can get help and counseling.
  • White Rose: The White Rose Women’s Center crisis pregnancy center across the street from the Routh St. abortion center where pregnant women can get help and counseling.
  • Sidewalk Counselor: a CPLC worker or volunteer who is trained to counsel women about options other than abortion; and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damages abortion causes.
  • Turnaway: a women who was originally going to get an abortion, but has decided to choose life for her baby instead

Sent in by sidewalk counselor Rebecca Thompson
Wed., Nov. 25, 2009

Kenneth Scott & I were on the sidewalk and a woman drove in to the parking lot. She came over and was there for "a sonogram", but was encouraged to go to Birth Choice instead. On the walk over, she was distraught... lots of stuff on her plate. Dee (first time to counsel at Birth Choice) talked with her, loaded her down with stuff, contacts, (including Dr. B.) and directions to W.Rose for the sonogram. Mary Burner waited for Katalina at White Rose.... which took awhile. No one was sure if Katalina had abandoned considering abortion. But she saw the sonogram. Sonogram shows she is about 14.5 weeks. She is scheduled to come back in 3 weeks. I saw Katalina as she was coming out of W. Rose. She was so happy and said, "I've done everything, listened to everyone, watched the videos. I am hoping this is a girl." She was crying "happy tears" and so grateful... so very grateful.

Sent in by sidewalk counselor Rebecca Thompson
Fri., Nov. 27, 2009

There has been a save each day at Robinson's this week (except for when closed Thanksgiving Day)!!

Today a woman and her sister went into the clinic. One sister Dolores came out and was encouraged to go back in and bring her pregnant sister Carol over to Birth Choice... if only to find out what her options are for assistance and services for free. Dolores did that, i.e. went back in and talked to her pregnant sister about going over to Birth Choice!

They both came out after a relatively short time. Lauren Muzyka walked with them over to Birth Choice.

Carol is excited about this new baby and her sister was just glowing! She saved this little niece or nephew's life!

All SWC's and Prayer Support rejoiced... as (did and is) the Heavenly Witness.
We give thanks to Almighty Holy God!

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