Finding a common thread

July 12, 2018

Every summer, we have amazing young people who intern with us. They come out on the sidewalk for six hours, several days a week, in the blaring heat. Though the calling isn’t for everyone, the job can be grace-filled, and the counselors are blessed by the presence of their young colleagues.

The interns go through training, but there’s nothing quite like the experience of being in front of an abortion facility. They jump in headfirst, and we pray for the Holy Spirit to guide them.

Last week, we mentioned during training the importance of making a connection with the women going in. We want them to know that we care about them. Cassie, one of our interns, took that mission to heart, and she used it one day when she saw a client. The girl walking in, who looked about the same age as our intern, was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Selena on it. Cassie called out to her, saying, “Here, sweetheart, this information is for you. Hey, I like your shirt! I love Selena, too!”

The young woman walked over and took the literature. “Which one of her songs do you like best?” Cassie asked. After they talked like friends for a minute, Cassie asked for the reason the young woman had come there. Often, the women going in simply don’t know what else they can do, as was the case with this young woman. “You know,” Cassie said, “we have free help. I’ll walk over with you.” Without hesitating, the girl went with Cassie to the pregnancy resource center and ended up choosing life for her baby.

When Cassie rejoined the other counselors outside, she had a huge smile and weak knees!

This week, she’s already had two turnaways. The first was a nursing student, like Cassie. Our proactive intern was able to reassure the woman that keeping the baby didn’t mean she couldn’t finish her education. The other girl is 16 weeks pregnant and was set on abortion due to trouble with the baby’s father, but Cassie helped her choose life.

Our interns exude what these moms need the most – unconditional love. Christ's love burns in their hearts and shines through their eyes. We are so proud to stand with them. What a beautiful way to spend the summer!

By: Community Outreach Director, Susan Platt

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