Christmas Eve at an Abortion Center

December 27, 2010

As sidewalk counselors emerged from cars, a large number of folks (strollers, adults, kids in tow, elderly...) slowly came walking down the sidewalk and joined.  They gathered across the street and sang soft prayerful Christmas carols between praying decades of the rosary.  Others came to join them.  The empty manager was on the sidewalk, and sadly there were a number of abortions this Christmas Eve. 

But there was also at least one turn-away (that we know about) ... Thanks be to God!!

While all of that was going on at the abortion facility, a woman arrived at a neighboring crisis pregnancy center.   She was named after our Blessed Mother,  was very small, and very pregnant (9 months... due anytime).   She didn't know how she had come to learn about the pregnancy center and had no previous prenatal care.  The sonographer was there, and declared this young woman was carrying a boy.   A young man, named after an Archangel, was with her.  We presumed this was her husband, but now we are hmmmmmm,  "pondering all this" in our hearts. 
I pray you and your families are all blessed in special ways by the Holy Family, all the angels and saints this Christmas season.

Tags: Sidewalk Counseling

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