Catholic hospitals, abortion and the hijack of healthcare reform

August 11, 2009

Catholic hospital administrators and staff have had to make tough decisions as the line between professionalism and faith gets blurred.

Amid controversy that the new state plan of Massachusetts included abortion procedures, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of the Archdiocese of Boston, declined the awarded contract, which was set to fund a network of Catholic hospitals. (Read the whole story)

Cathy Cenzon-DeCarlo, a Catholic nurse at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, was forced to perform an abortion, even though she was supposedly protected under the Conscience Clause. With the help of the Alliance Defense Fund, she is now suing the hospital for violating her rights. (Read the whole story

I think more stories like these will start appearing as ordinary people have to make extraordinary decisions.

Sounds good, Mr. Representative. Except it’s a total farce.

Rep. Tim Ryan (D –Ohio) makes reducing abortions sound real easy-- just throw government-funded condoms and birth control pills at these women, and the abortions in these widely impoverished areas will go down! That’s the greatest idea ever! I must have missed that part of the Gospel where Jesus is preaching to the crowds and the apostles and he says, “Here are the poor. I give them to you. Now, give them condoms and pills pumped with harmful hormones, and the kingdom of Heaven will be yours!”

That’s not the answer. Contraceptives do not help women in any instance, they only harm. There’s a fabulous new documentary out called Maafa 21 that gives you all the facts and figures of this. Please, please, please check it out for yourself because I could not begin to go into all the eye opening details that are exposed.

A final note on Rep. Ryan—

Democrats of Life for America has recently cut ties with Ryan because of his newfound pro-abortion stance. His support of this bill, which would include tax-payer funded abortions, is the latest example of the path he has chosen.

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