Breaking News: Late-term abortion facility opening in North Dallas; Prayers needed!

October 28, 2009

The Southwestern late-term abortion center will be the new late-term abortion clinic in town when it soon opens its doors for killing unborn babies up to 24 weeks old. Aaron’s abortion clinic, which closed its doors in August 2008, was the last late-term abortion clinic in Dallas.

“While we were aware that plans were in the works for a possible new facility affiliated with Fairmount after Aaron’s' closure, we have been praying that this would not be an additional facility,” said Karen Garnett, Executive Director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee.

“We are calling on people of faith from all over Dallas and the surrounding suburbs to join with us in a renewed, massive prayer and public witness effort against this grave evil in our community. We also ask all people of faith to pray for the conversion of heart of abortionist Dr. Curtis Boyd, his wife Glenna Halvorson-Boyd, Ph.D., and all the clinic staff at the Southwestern abortion center on Greenville Avenue, as well as the abortionists and clinic workers at the other four abortion facilities in Dallas.”

Grateful to God no more children will die at 2921 Fairmount

Fairmount abortion center, near Uptown Dallas, silently closed its doors this week to combine with the new facility located on the Northeast corner of Royal Lane and Greenville Avenue. Fairmont has been the site of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee Roe Memorial Rosary for more than a decade. Fairmount was the first abortion facility in Dallas and the state of Texas. We are grateful to God that no more children will die at 2921 Fairmount St. in Dallas.

Join us for a service in memory of each of the thousands of babies who were killed in that building over the last 36 years, and in prayer for the healing of all the mothers and fathers who lost their children there.

 What: Closing Memorial Prayer Service at  Fairmount

 Where: Fairmount abortion center
 2921 Fairmount St.
 Dallas, TX

 Date: Saturday, November 7

 Time: 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.



What can I do?
Building on the momentum of the current 40 Days for Life-Dallas Campaign, where 2,000 people of faith have come out to pray outside of Robinson's abortion center on Record Crossing, the CPLC is calling for a massive prayer and public witness effort, particularly at this new late-term abortion facility, to bring about an end to the killing of innocent unborn children at the 5 abortion centers in Dallas.

Here is a listing of the Catholic Churches closest to this new abortion center (there are a number of nearby churches of other denominations as well):

St. Patrick – 3.78 miles
St. Paul, Richardson – 4.79 miles
Christ the King – 4.97 miles (the abortion facility is in the boundaries of Christ the King Parish)
St. Rita – 5.34 miles
St. Thomas Aquinas – 5.53 miles

(This is what the 24 week-old babies look like in womb when they are about to be killed legally at the late-term abortion clinic.)

If you belong to one of these churches, share this information with your pastor and your fellow parishioners and make time to go pray in front of the new facility.

Remember, God has already won the war. It’s our duty to fight these spiritual battles as they come. Keep hoping, keep praying and keep watching out for news and action opportunities as events develop.

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