Angels on the Sidewalk

July 7, 2020

A few days ago, Richard, one of our prayer partners, was at the abortion center.  His prayers were interrupted when a young man (let’s call him Michael) was bouncing a basketball as he walked up to the sidewalk counselors.  That’s kind of unusual.  Then he said he had a young woman who had come for an abortion but now she was thinking about placing the baby for adoption.  That’s also unusual.  She already has three children, but she and Michael had talked, and she was thinking adoption might be best.

Michael left for a few minutes then came back with the young woman.  As the counselors talked to her, they found out Michael wasn’t her husband.  Or her boyfriend.  Or a friend.  He was a complete stranger who met her when she really needed someone to listen.  The counselor took the mom over to the pregnancy resource center since they can help with information on adoptions, too.

Feeling overwhelmed with the way God works, Richard went over to talk to the young man.  Michael told him "This wasn’t the first abortion-minded woman I have spoken to."  Richard replied "You must be an angel!  God sent you to be here.” Michael looked at him, not saying yes or no. 

The young man did not ever answer; … I’m pretty sure he was an angel.  I’m pretty sure Richard is one, too.


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