Abortion Reaches Far Beyond a Woman and Her Doctor

July 27, 2021

Abortion is a scourge on our society. It not only kills the innocent, but it hurts the hearts, minds, and souls of those who undergo it and those who perform it as well.

But there is a huge demographic that is unfortunately overlooked by most people: men.  This group includes not only the fathers of the aborted children, but their grandfathers, uncles, and brothers too.  Beyond blood relations, there are the male friends of the abortive woman, the ones who help her fund the process, or give her a ride to the abortionist, or support her decision to abort, all out of a misguided sense of friendship.  But regardless of whether he insists on or opposes it, whether he’s relieved or revolted, he is told that he has no say in the matter at all, whatever his feelings or thoughts.  Regardless of his involvement, he knows in his soul that he has been part of a terrible thing. He feels regret, shame, and guilt over it, but because our secular society says he has no right to complain, he will hide it and deny these emotions.  If left untreated, it has the power to destroy him.

I don’t say this simply based on my personal experience.  I have observed this pattern in almost every man that has shared his grief with me and my team on a Project Joseph retreat.

-Reg Platt, Project Joseph Coordinator

Tags: project joseph, society, healing after abortion, men and abortion

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