A Sidewalk Counselor's Story: 'Both definitely looked a little peaceful when they decided to wait'

October 28, 2009

Dear friends,

I was out at Robinson's this morning..... spoke with a couple for 45 minutes. They did turn away. Praise God. Please pray for Maria & Ruben. She is 5 weeks along.Very tense story/situation....very anguished looks on both of them. Both definitely looked a little peaceful when they decided to wait. They did not get out of their car.

Unfortunately Birthchoice across the street was not open but even with that they did not go into Robinson's. Need lots of prayers, she does have White Rose information also. At the end she called her mom while in the car telling her she needed to speak with her (as she has told no one else about the baby).

Please pray that her mom has the 'heart of a mother' when Maria speaks with her, that she want God's best for her daughter and grandchild, and that Maria keep her resolve no matter who around her is against this baby.

St. Michael be with this family,

God's Peace

- A CPLC Sidewalk Counselor

Tags: Sidewalk Counseling

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