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Your support will ensure this current crisis is not catastrophic for the families we serve. Every gift will make a difference.

Give the Gift of Life

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Defender of Life Gift

Help our frontline ministries defend the gift of LIFE!

Guardian of Life Gift

Help our education ministries build a culture of LIFE!

Advocate for Life Gift

Help our outreach ministries advocate for right to life LIFE!

Protector of Life Gift

Help the CPLC save lives in this crisis!

Evangelist for Life Gift

Help share the Gospel of Life

Patron of Life Gift

Help support the Gospel of Life 


Help support the Gospel of Life 


Every Gift Makes a Difference


The above descriptions of donations are for illustrative purposes only to provide examples of the financial needs of the CPLC's various ministries and do not indicate specific application of any gift. Unless otherwise specified by the donor in the "note" section at checkout, all donations received online are categorized as "unrestricted".  Thank you for your support!