Volunteers are needed in various ways both leading up to, during, and after the event. Day of assistance does not include a program ticket but does provide a meal if assisting throughout the evening. To apply as a volunteer please complete the form below indicating your availability and preferences.



Earn service hours, meet local pro-life teens, and gain a greater respect for the dignity of life by volunteering at the dinner! All youth interested in volunteering will need to apply and be accompanied by a diocesan safe environment cleared chaperone.

Youth Volunteer Application & Info



Pre-event volunteers are able to choose as many volunteer categories as they feel comfortable taking on.  

  • PHONE CALLERS - Make calls from your home or within our office in Addison. Flexible schedule. 
  • COURIERS - Assist with various deliveries to parishes throughout the diocese.
  • PROMOTIONS - Visit various parish group meetings to provide information about the dinner, encourage attendance, provide flyers, and sell Dinner and raffle tickets. Talking points and materials will be provided.
  • RAFFLE TICKET SALES - Pick up tickets to sell to friends & family, at your workplace, church, etc. Packets with instructions and talking points can be mailed or picked up in Addison.
  • TRANSPORTATION & SET-UP - help prep and transport materials from our offices to the venue and/or assist in the ballroom set up. (Involves carrying items; a vehicle, preferably a truck/SUV, to transport items is welcome.)


Volunteers interested in assisting with day-of-event tasks will need to choose one category to assist in.

  • HOSPITALITY - Assist with check-in, greeting guests, and providing directions.
  • RAFFLE TICKET SALES - Assist with Raffle Ticket sales in the lobby prior to and during the program.
  • LOBBY ACTIVITIES  –  Assist with donations and sales at lobby activity tables, including Wine & Jewelry Pulls, and Heads & Tails.
  • PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS - Assist as a table ambassador or live auction spotter during the program (approximately 30-minute commitment before the keynote address).
  • TEAR DOWN & TRANSPORTATION - Help tear down and pack items after the event and/or transport materials back to the CPLC office. (Involves carrying items; availability of a truck / SUV to transport items is welcome.)
  • MISCELLANEOUS TASKS - You name it, and we could probably use your help!

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Safe-environment clearance is required for some, but not all, volunteer duties associated with the Dinner. Our Volunteer Coordinator will assist you in confirming clearance if necessary.

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