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Parish Coordination

Each parish is a gathering of the People of Life, who have a mission to transform society into a Culture of Life. Where are people to go for help if not to the Christian community, which is to be marked by the love we have for each other? If we fail to love those most in need of our love, especially the unborn, we fail to proclaim Christ.

With this clearly in mind, the U.S. bishops have asked every parish to have a pro-life coordinator and group. The CPLC supports parish pro-life coordinators by:

  • Assisting them in implementing the objectives of the Bishops' Pastoral Plan at their parish
  • Serving as liaison between parishes and the CPLC
  • Helping facilitate pro-life activities and projects, such as the 972-BABY-DUE signs on parish grounds, the Baby Bank Campaign, and the Parish Support Initiative
  • Providing monthly updates with the latest pro-life information

Currently, over 90% of the parishes in the Diocese of Dallas have a parish pro-life coordinator and group.

For more information about Parish Coordination, please contact .

At the parish, we worship the Body of Christ, and we become the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is Risen; He is Life. — Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life