Each year, our camp is made possible because of amazing Chaperones, Jr. Staff, & Volunteers from all over the state of Texas (and sometimes even beyond!) Our campers have told us that the meaningful connections they make with these adults have a huge impact on their Boot Camp experience!

Our Volunteers are divided into three main groups based on the role they will play during camp. Please read over the descriptions to find the position which best fits you! Join us this summer to be part of the mission! 

All adult volunteers (18+) must provide proof of safe environment clearance.

**Please note: the forms are different for each camp. Select the correct forms or your form will not be valid.**

 Boot Camp Jr. Adult Med Release Form 

 Boot Camp Adult Med Release Form       


***All 2023 Jr Staff Positions have been filled.***

We like to say that our Jr Staff does the most work but also has the most fun! This group is made up of 18-20 -year-olds who help out with some of the background work to make camp happen.  This includes setting up before camp, making sure the youth have all the supplies they need, and preparing for our service activities. The Jr Staff also puts on skits and runs our sports night. Jr Staff members arrive the afternoon of July 14 and stay until we are cleaned up after camp on July 19.


 Junior Staff Application            


CHAPERONES (June & July Camp)

June Camp: $50
Chaperones must attend a pre-camp meeting on June 11th. Chaperones will arrive at camp at 9am and stay until 4:30pm each day. They will have the option to attend in person or virtually. 

July Camp: $150
Adults (21+) who are in charge of a small group. Chaperones are paired up and together supervise a group of 8-12 teens in group discussions, service projects, and other camp activities.  They make sure each member of their group is present at all camp activities and follow the basic camp rules. Chaperones must attend a pre-camp meeting on July 9th.  They will have the option to attend in person or virtually. Chaperones need to arrive at camp on July 15th at 3:00pm and will stay until camp ends on Tuesday evening.


 Chaperone Application       


Support Staff (June & July Camp)

No Fee if you do not stay the night

Our support staff are those adults who help out just for short periods of time. This includes our load and clean up crews, check-in crews, and others who are able to help only Saturday afternoon or so. There is always something you can do to help! If you would like to help in this way, please contact Maddie Brown.


 Support Staff Application       



Director of Youth For Life, Maddie Brown  | 972-267-LIFE (5433)