Two Pastors and an Abortionist…

September 11, 2010

The aunt (hates abortion and was calling relatives and who knows who else for extra help) brought her 17-year-old niece to the abortion center.  The young woman did not want to have an abortion and has been praying, asking Jesus what to do.  (Oh, her faith!)  If she refused the abortion, her mother (a leader in her church) was threatening “statutory rape” charges against the boyfriend (father of the child and son of a pastor), which aunt, niece, et al., did not want to happen.  A sidewalk counselor explained to this young woman that by law no one could coerce her or “make her” have an abortion, and suggested she call on Jesus while waiting inside the abortion center (on her mother’s instruction via cell phone).  The aunt was there respectfully fighting with all her might to stop this abortion.
As the afternoon wore on, we needed more people to pray and stand witness for this life in jeopardy.  The Lord was in charge and answered the call.  A friend of one of the remaining sidewalk counselors “just happened” to be driving by from a nearby doctor appointment, to stop for minute and “say hello”.  She stayed…and prayed…and cried as those moms who had aborted their children were wheeled-out.  (This was her first time out there... and MAN did she come at a spiritually-charged and much-needed time!)
The mother of the young woman then arrived at the abortion center.  The pastor (paternal grandfather of the yet-to-be-born baby) and his son (the father of the yet-to-be-born baby) also arrived.  All went into the facility and much coming, going, and private discussions in the parking lot ensued.  The impromptu prayer partner had to leave (an hour or so after arrival).  In the same seconds of her leaving, another local pastor (called by another sidewalk counselor) and his wife arrived.  He talked to the grandfather/pastor, gave him Maafa 21 and his contact info, and was assured that there was not going to be an abortion.
When everyone left the doors of the abortion center (several hours after arrival) and the two pastors were standing in the parking lot…guess who was also leaving??  The abortionist…who incurred the stares and the prayers of these two pastors brought together by God.
This could have become an ugly mess, but the Lord was in charge.  And all of the prayers were felt.  The presence of those who responded to His call was awesome.  Jesus was/is continuing to answer these prayers for the best outcome...for everyone.
Thank you, Lord!

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